Metal Fabrication

This partnership between British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)and School District No. 42 provides a unique 
opportunity for secondary school students* to complete Grade 12 graduation requirements while earning post-secondary credits and certification in the Metal Fabricator field tuition free. Additionally, students will acquire skills to enter the job market or 
pursue other post-secondary education. This program is located at Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary.

* Qualified Adult students who have not graduated and graduated students (under 19 as of July 1) may be eligible for the 

The Program
This is a year long program that includes a practicum at the end.  Basic theory and related information along with hands-on shop practice enable students to become competent in basic metal fabrication methods for products such as metal buildings, tanks and equipment. Good hand/eye coordination and good physical condition are desirable to successfully complete this program. Metal fabricators deal with the selection, layout, shearing, cutting (with a torch), punching, drilling, forming, fitting and welding of metal plates and structural metal shapes into products for the forest, mining, construction, transportation and agricultural industries. Typical projects that involve metal fabricators include bridges, buildings, hoppers, conveyors, towers, cranes, heavy-mining equipment, logging equipment, ship parts and equipment

Program costs:
Students are responsible for the following program costs: 
Books and supplies: $750* 
Non refundable application fee: $75 

*Estimated cost only - subject to change

The minimum grade for individual courses is 70 percent. An overall GPA of 70 percent or better is required. All courses must be passed in order to successfully complete the program. (ITA requirement) Dual Credit.  Students who successfully complete this program will have six complete courses (24 credits) on their secondary school graduation transcript. 

Program Content 

Apply Safe Work Practice 
Sketch and Read Drawings 
Metal Fabrication Power Equipment 
Measurement Layout 
Hand & Power Tools 
Shop Applications 
Use Oxyacetylene 
Arc Welding 
Blueprint Reading 
Plate Development 
Material Handling 
Cleaning & Painting 
Fabricate & Metallurgy theory

 Students must have completed Grade 11 by the end of the academic year. Grade 11 students must be enrolled in a course of study that will lead to Grade 12 graduation upon completion of high school.  
A MATH 11* (Principles or Applications) 
• ENG OR COM 11* 
• Grade 12 ENG OR COM can be taken concurrently 
• Physics 11- is recommended for basic formula theory 
(*May take the BCIT Pre-Entry Math and Reading Assessment in lieu of Math or English)

In addition, students must be in good physical condition, demonstrate a high degree of commitment, and provide their own personal safety equipment: steel toe boots, hardhat, safety glasses, etc

Recommended characteristics 
Students entering the Metal Fabrication partnership program will have the greatest chance of success if they have the following characteristics: 
• Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written English 
• Physical and mental abilities required to perform the daily tasks associated with working in construction
• Regular lifting and transportation of heavy objects 
• Willing to work outdoors in all weather 
• Ability to multi-task 
• Motor skills and physical capability necessary for efficient and safe use of trade related tools and equipment

Selection priority will be: 
• School District No. 42 High School students who meet qualifications 
• Out-of-district High School students.
 • Adult grads and Adult non-grads.

Application Process:
A student’s application must include the following:
• SD42 Application Package - Click Here
• BCIT Application - Click Here
• Photocopy of Birth Certificate if you are new to the school district 

For More Information about this trade please see the ITA website - Click Here