Culinary Arts

This partnership program between Vancouver Community College and School District 42 provides a unique opportunity for secondary school students* to complete Grade 12 graduation requirements while earning post-secondary credits and certification in the culinary arts industry. Additionally, students will acquire job-ready skills to enter the job market. *Adult students who have not graduated may be eligible to take this program tuition free as well! 

* Qualified Adult students who have not graduated and graduated students (under 19 as of July 1) may be eligible for the  program

The Program
This program covers such topics as preparing grills, roasts, sauces, seafood, soups and stocks. Students will also acquire skills in cooking and baking desserts and learn basic kitchen management including food costing. Students who complete the program 
will receive a Certificate in Professional Cooking. The program will cover theory and related information along with hands-on cooking practice. This program is located at Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary.

Program costs:
Purchase of books and supplies - $750 *
Membership in Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks - $25.
Non refundable application fee: $75 

*Estimated cost only - subject to change

The minimum grade for individual courses is 64 percent. An overall GPA of 70 percent or better is required. All courses must be passed in order to successfully complete the program. Students who successfully complete the program will have completed 
8 courses for 32 credits on the secondary school graduation transcript. They will also receive a Vancouver Community College certificate

Program Content 
The standard program consists of the following course content: 
• Vegetable and Starch Cooking 
• Meat and Poultry Cooking 
• Seafood Preparation and Techniques 
• Stocks, Sauces and Soups 
• Meat, Poultry and Seafood Cutting
• Vegetable and Starches and Egg Cooking • Baking and Desserts

 Students must have completed Grade 11 by the end of the academic year. Grade 11 students must be enrolled in a course of 
study that will lead to Grade 12 graduation upon completion of high school.  
A MATH 11 
• ENG OR COM 11 
• Grade 12 ENG OR COM can be taken concurrently 

In addition, students must be in good physical condition, demonstrate a high degree of commitment. Recommended characteristics Students entering the Culinary Arts partnership program will have the greatest chance of success if they have the following characteristics: •Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written English • Ability to perform the daily tasks associated with working in a professional kitchen • Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time • Ability to lift and transport heavy objects • Ability to function in extreme heat, perform in a busy, fast-paced and stressful environment • Must possess strong and efficient organizational skills and the ability to multi-task • Physical ability to efficiently and safely use knives and other trade related tools and implements • You will learn to present tasteful, flavorful and attractive meals

Student Handouts
Please have a look at these documents prior to arriving to class.
• House Guidelines for VCC and SRT.   Click Here
• Code of Conduct.   Click Here

Selection priority will be: 
• School District No. 42 High School students who meet qualifications 
• Out-of-district High School students.
 • Adult grads and Adult non-grads.

Application Process:
A student’s application must include the following:
• SD42 Application Package - Click Here
• VCC Application and Waivers  - Click Here
• Photocopy of Birth Certificate if you are new to the school district