Secondary School Apprenticeship


Are you between the ages of 15 and 19 and currently working in a trade or for a family member who has a business and is trade certified?  For example,  are you working at a restaurant, on a construction site, in an automotive shop, on a dairy farm, or in a hair salon?

If so, you may be eligible to enroll in a Secondary School Apprenticeship and earn a $1,000.00 award.

School District #42 (Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows) is searching for “hidden apprentices”. If you are a secondary school student working in a trade area, you may already be eligible to become a secondary school apprentice and not know it.

A secondary school apprenticeship involves part-time work within a trade – something you may already be doing. The SSA program provides a smooth transition from school to work, and a quicker route to certification in a trade – and to the earning power that goes with it.  You can begin your apprenticeship as early as Grade 10.

By registering as a secondary school apprentice, you will be able to receive dual credit for the work you are already doing and get a head start on earning your trade certification; you may also be eligible for a scholarship.  “Dual Credit” means simultaneously receiving both secondary school credits required for graduation and credit toward completion of an apprenticeship.  As an added bonus, as a secondary school apprentice you may qualify for a $1000 scholarship.  By participating in the program you will be ahead of your peers in a career in the trades.

In the labour market, there is a concern about a skills shortage.  Employers need young people with the right skills, right now! There’s never been a better time to explore a career in the skilled trades and technology sectors.

If you are a secondary school student, or an employer willing to hire a student, please contact Brad Dingler at 604-626-1176 to find out more about the Secondary School Apprenticeship program. 

For a complete list of eligible trades in the province of B.C. and to find out more information regarding the SSA Program, visit the Industry Training Authority’s website at:

  Application Process

Applicant will be required to:
  • InformationBrochure Found Here
  • The SSA Co-Coordinator will contact you for an initial interview.
  • If it looks likes you are a candidate – you can fill out the Apprenticeship Application Forms (with parent’s/guardian’s signature and your sponsor employer ** Your Employer Must be a Certified Trades Person or have relevant experience***) – Forms Found  Here 
  • Meet with the Apprenticeship coordinator for a full description of the workbook and logbook and how to enter your work.  Also to go over important dates.
  • Be able to be self motivated and keep in contact with the apprenticeship coordinator on a regular basis

** Instructor Use – Program Checklists:  WIT 11A, WIT 11B, WITT 12A, WITT 12B ** 

Required Procedures, Course Work, and Forms

  • Pre-Apprenticeship Registration Package  – Click Here 
  • Activation Assignment for 11A (Safety) - Click Here
  • Workbook for Course 11A – Click HERE
  • Activation Assignment for 11B ( Workplace Application) – Click Here
  • Workbook for Course 11B – Click HERE
  • Activation Assignment for 12A (Trade Specific Learning) – Click Here
  • Workbook for Course 12A – Click HERE
  • Activation Assignment for 12B (Career Planning) – Click Here
  • Workbook for Course 12B – Click HERE
  • You must fill out Work Based Training Report(s). In order to register your hours.  Form found HERE


**Note:  Under some circumstances you may need to register online through CLC in order to earn your High School Credits. After speaking with your co-coordinator if you need to register online than follow the links below. **

  • You must fill out CLC Online instructions form and submit to your Work in Trades Coordinator -Click HERE
  •  Fill out the Online Application to enroll in each course  - ENROLL HERE


All forms must be submitted to Mr Dingler, the Apprenticeship Coordinator.   You will then be requested to attend an 
information interview to discuss the program and see if it works for you.

For more information about the program, speak to Mr Dingler at 604 626 1176 or email at
Note: Completing the application and being interviewed does not guarantee acceptance into the Secondary School Apprenticeship Program.

Academic Requirements of Many Trades

The following educational requirements apply to many of the apprenticeable trades but are NOT required to take part in the SSA Program:
  • English 12
  • Math 10
  • Math 11
  • Science 10
  • Physics 11 (recommended)


 - Click HERE to Submit you Student Log -