Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

This partnership between Kwantlen Polytechnic University and School District No. 42 provides a unique opportunity for 
secondary school students* to complete Grade 12 graduation requirements while earning post secondary credits and certification in the Plumbing/ Pipe fitting field. Additionally, students will acquire job-ready skills to enter the job market or pursue other 
post-secondary education. 
Students will develop the necessary habits concerning safety and the proper use of time, tools, materials, and the work skills 
required to be a competent trade's person in today's workforce. Students who successfully complete the Plumbing Foundation 
program will receive level 1 in-school technical training credit and 375 work-based hours towards completion of the Plumber 
Apprenticeship program, and will receive their level 2 in-school technical training. Reminder: graduated students and 
undergraduate students who are 19 years or older will need to obtain an apprenticeship prior to registering in level 2. Students 
are able to follow one of the four certification streams: plumbing, pipe-fitting, gas fitting and sprinkler fitting. 
* Qualified Adult students who have not graduated and graduated students (under 19 as of July 1) may be eligible for the  

The Program

This 21 week program prepares students for employment as a plumber apprentice.  Students will develop the necessary habits concerning safety, time and materials management, hand tools and power tools.  Practical projects are performed in a shop environment to enhance students’ skills in installation, pipe repair and maintenance, fixtures and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution and waste water disposal in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Students who complete the Foundation program are eligible for ITA credit in Plumber Level 1 apprenticeship and 375 work-based hours. 

Taking a foundation program can build the skills that employers are looking for.  To progress as an apprentice you will need to find an employer who will sponsor your apprenticeship and register with theIndustry Training Authority (ITA).  When you are ready for career advancement; KPU delivers Plumbing Apprentice in-school technical training levels 2, 3 and 4.

Program costs:
All Students are responsible for the purchase of books and supplies 
$800 is a general estimated cost, which is subject to change.
Application fee: $75.00 
Tuition: $0.00

Students will be required to supply their own CSA approved steel-toed safety shoes or boot,  CSA approved hard hat, safety 
glasses, 1" by 25' measuring tape with both imperial and metric measuring units

The minimum grade for individual courses is 64 percent. An overall GPA of 70 percent or better is required. All courses must be passed in order to successfully complete the program.  Students who successfully complete program will have completed 5 
courses for 20 credits on the secondary school graduation transcript. They will also receive a Kwantlen University certificate
and apprenticeship level one 

Program Content 
The standard program consists of the following course content:
Pipes, Valves, Fittings
Cutting, Soldering and Brazing
Drafting and Blueprint Reading

 A Math 11 
 English11 or Communications 11 
 Science 11 
 SS 11 
 A Grad Transition plan in place 
 Courses in Tech Ed. are highly recommended 
In addition, students must be in good physical condition, demonstrate a high degree of commitment.

Recommended characteristics 
This program is suited for individuals that have good math and mechanical skills, manual dexterity and problem solving.  Physical demand can vary; there is a considerable amount of standing, bending and lifting

Selection priority will be: 
• School District No. 42 High School students who meet qualifications 
• Out-of-district High School students.
 • Adult grads and Adult non-grads.

Application Process:
A student’s application must include the following:
• SD42 Application Package - Click Here
• Kwantlen Application - Click Here 
 • Photocopy of Birth Certificate if you are new to the school district  

For More Information about this trade please see the ITA website - Click Here