Apprenticeship Training Programs 
Grade 10, 11  & 12
School District No. 42 and various post secondary institutions and trades training organizations have joined together to offer apprenticeship training programs to grade 10, 11 &12 students and adult learners. Students going into grade 12 now have the option to graduate PLUS get first year post-secondary certification and apprenticeship training in one year and with no tuition fees!  If you are already working you can take part in the Secondary School Apprenticeship Program.  You can earn 16 credits for 
working.  Note:  You are also able to enter into one of Trades programs  at the same time.

Anyone interested in these programs please call 

Steve Wiebe at 604.318.9792 (email: or Brad Dingler at 604.626.1176  (email:  

(You can also see your counselor, work experience coordinator or the career planning assistant at your school)

~ For the Trades Brochure – Click Here ~

 Program Options

 I. Career and Technical (CTC) Programs:All students must apply to gain admission to a CTC Program. Qualified students will be accepted based on the following criteria: academic achievement, work habits, attitude, attendance, and date of application. Students are advised to apply early as there are limited seats available. Typically, program applications exceed availability. The following CTC Programs are available:

1) Automotive Service Tech.- For Info or to Apply
2) Carpentry Level I – For Info or to Apply 

3) Construction Carpentry – For Info or to Apply 
4) Culinary Arts - For Info or to Apply 
5) Plumbing - For Info or to Apply  
6) Metal Fabrication – For Info or to Apply
7) Electrician Level I – For Info or to Apply
8) Hairstyling Cosmetology – For Info to or Apply
9) Masonry (Bricklaying) – For Info or to Apply

10) NEW – for Spring 2016 – Horticulture  - For Info or to Apply

 II. The Secondary School Apprenticeship Program:The Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) provides skill development through practical, hands-on work experience.Students enrolled in these courses go to work and attend high school at the same time. That means they have found an employer who is willing to take them on (and pay them) as an apprentice – at least until their high school graduation. This step is easier than it sounds.  Just contact your school counselor.  Students that are 15 or older can enroll in this program – they must also formally register with the Industry Training Authority as Youth Apprentices – which can be done via the District coordinator. Successful completion of the program earns students 16 credits towards graduation with grade 11 and grade 12 courses. Some may also qualify for the SSA Scholarship – a $1000 award given to students for sustained work as an apprentice.  To Apply Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any student apply?
Students must be enrolled in a course of study that will lead to Grade 12 graduation upon completion of high school.

Can adults and graduated students apply?
Adults and graduated student may also apply to any of the programs the district offers, subject to available space.

Can I register in a program that is not located at my home school?
A student can register in an academy or partnership program at a school other than their home school. They can “cross enroll” (be enrolled at both schools) and graduate from their home school.

Does the district offer a bus service for cross enrolled students?
This service is no longer offered. Students are responsible for finding their own way (via public transit or private vehicle) to and from their home school to their partnership school.

Can I get help completing my application package?
Ask the work experience coordinator, career planning assistant, or your school counselor for assistance in completing your application package.